love is in the air

It’s Valentine’s Day!  Are you the type of person who goes all out–flowers, candy, chocolate,and jewelry…maybe even making your sweetheart a special dinner or gift?  Or are you uninterested in the hype?  Is your philosophy that “Valentine’s Day was created by the card and candy companies” and you don’t give it a second thought?

I’m in the middle, I guess.  I enjoy an excuse to celebrate and love to spend time with my hubby, so I have no problem with Valentine’s Day, but I don’t go overboard and am ok if we don’t do gifts or anything crazy…a nice, quiet dinner is good.

We celebrated Valentine’s Day early this year and enjoyed a yummy meal at Bonefish on Saturday, so tonight will be pretty quiet.  But, if you’re celebration is only just beginning, I’ve come up with a few fun elements for your special time.

A great outfit!

{sweet and sassy}

A sweet card

you can download this one for free at Ruffled

A good meal:

you can get the recipe HERE

and, of course…

an amazing wine!

{my favorite–Moscato D’Asti}

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!!