Things I Like | Photography

When I started this blog, one of my main hobbies was stalking.


Yep. Truth.  I was basically stalking other blogs to see how they did things…drooling mostly and having complete blog envy… But one thing that I noticed consistently during my stalking phase was that all the good blogs had good photography.

Now obviously, this isn’t a new idea.  Having good photos has been important for a long time, and not just on the internet.  But it made me realize that photography was an area I struggled with.  My phone took better pictures than my point-and-shoot…and not to mention the fact that I don’t have a ton of natural light in my house.   Using a sub-par camera in insufficient lighting…not pretty. [REALLY not pretty for an “over-analyzer”]

After months of frustration, I finally broke down and got a nice camera.


Ok. Now what?

I quickly learned that having a nice camera was only half of the battle.  Learning how to use it…well, that’s another story.

So!  I’ve been practicing.  Lucky for me I have lots of friends and family with cute kids to use as subjects.  But, while I really enjoy using my camera, I would never call myself a photographer.  I’m a total amateur, but I am a little proud of how my photography has developed, so I thought I’d share it with you.  Here’s are snippets of some of the sessions I’ve done.

M Roebke Collage

Elena Collage

Donovan Boys Collage

Olivia Collage

Thank goodness for cute babies!


As promised, Everyday Clever is hosting it’s first giveaway of 2012!

Meg over at Little Blue Prints has so generously offered one of her adorable Bloomie necklaces to one, lucky Everyday Clever reader.  When I met Meg at Fiesta in the Park and saw these in her booth, I was in love!

{…so I’m kindof jealous that I can’t enter this giveaway 🙂 }

Here’s how you enter:

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We love giveaways!!  Happy entering!

more for the new year

I attended a True Couponing class this weekend and have now added “To become a Couponer” to my list of New Year’s resolutions…which brings the total to ONE! …not really a big new years resolutioner…  But this was cool and I am determined to learn the ways of True Couponing so that I will be able to, not only save money on groceries for our family [of 2] {We really do buy a lot of groceries!}, but give back and bless others once I have built up a “stock pile”.

Unlike all of those extreme couponing shows on TV, True Couponing is a faith-based organization and it isn’t about hoarding or buying enough_________ (<– insert toiletry item here) for 10 years…and then selling it at a garage sale for full price.  It’s about getting what you need for your family, plus a little extra for the best price possible while using the resources provided (store coupons, manufacturers coupons, printable online coupons, and BOGOs).  Then, once you’ve built up a little extra, and are able to bless someone else either with the extra food or the money you’ve saved, you pass on the blessing.

I won’t go on anymore, but if you’re interested in checking out the website go to  Look for seminars in your area–they put them on and they’re FREE!

All that to say, I bought my Sunday paper yesterday (2, actually) for the coupons and found this great picture in the Orange Extra.  It’s one of the Orlando Sentinel’s photographer’s favorite photo of 2011.  Each photographer got to pick their favorite, but this picture was featured.  It was taken using a custom infrared setting, and I’m pretty sure the pagoda was originally red.

I thought it was a really beautiful picture so I made a color-story out of it.  Some inspiration for you?

{image via The Orlando Sentinel, photographer: Ricardo Ramirez Buxeda}

On another note, I wanted to share this great printable calendar from Creature Comforts {great blog, btw!} with you–  I just think it’s the cutest!  Not only will it be printed for my own {kid-free} home, but it will also be going in my new nephew’s room {whose arrival is set for mid-February!}.  Of course, as each new month comes out, we’ll update it…and possibly save the image for framing :).

You can download it yourself HERE

If you’re more of a computer desktop calendar type of person, check out Smashing Magazine’s website.  You can download a variety of free desktop calendars!  Here are a few of my faves:

A new DIY and giveaway are coming soon so keep reading!

things i like: voluspa candles

If  you’re someone who frequents Anthropologie or follows the Kardashians, you may be familiar with Voluspa candles.  Anthropologie sells them and the Kardashians endorse them (in fact, Kim & Kris gave them out as favors at their wedding…we’ll leave it at that 🙂 )

Anyway, we sell them where I work so we typically have a candle burning to encourage customers to buy.  This means that I get to smell them…ALL day (spoiled. I know.).  I have to say, I used to be a die-hard fan of Yankee candles…and then Slatkin took over (mainly because they’re sold at Bath & Body Works which is much more accessible to me than a Yankee store).  Don’t get me wrong, I still love Yankee’s Green Grass and Slatkin’s Autumn, but Voluspa has some of the most exotic scents I’ve ever smelled…and they’re amazing!  Not to mention they burn clean (coconut wax), permeate, and last!

My current two favorite scents are

Goji & Tarocco Orange

and Makassar Ebony & Peach

Other scents include:

Crisp Champagne

Apricot & Aprilia

Santiago Huckleberry

Pomegranate Pachoulli


Atelier Provence Lavande


Baltic Amber

…and tons more!

Be sure to check them out when your in Anthropoligie next time, or let me know which ones you’d like to buy and I’ll ship you some!

Stay warm–I’m pretty sure it’s cold around the country today (because it sure is cold in Florida)!