Small Item Storage Tips

Since I’m an organization junkie, I felt the NEED to share some information from this article with you from BHG.  It’s on “storage ideas for small items” it is really very clever.  You can read the full article here.

“This pan will do more than help you cook when you use it to compartmentalize office supplies. Use an inexpensive cupcake pan to organize small items that have a tendency to get lost in drawers.”
“Control clutter in a junk drawer with this low-cost solution. Here silicone cupcake liners hold small, loose items. An egg carton stashes items such as thumb tacks and staples in the egg cups and larger items such as pencils, a calculator, and a pair of scissors on the other side.
Expert Tip: Make one of these for the laundry room and fill it with all the little things that come out of the dryer such as coins and buttons. Dress it up with a quick coat of spray paint.”
“Use a toothbrush holder to artfully store paintbrushes, pens, and pencils. Use a matching soap dish to house business cards and other small items. These clever containers will keep your drawers and desktop free of clutter.”
“Round up spare glass canisters or jars to provide storage for hobby and sewing supplies, kitchen clutter, and jewelry. They can also organize — and still display — small collectibles such as matchbooks, marbles, and pins.”
If you read my post of these great apothecary jars, this would be a great use for them!
“A paper-towel dowel and a metal tray are all you need to achieve this easy craft storage space. Attach magnets to the bottom of tiny boxes to keep your trinkets in plain sight.”
 Check out this post on other uses for a paper towel holder.
“Install a magnetic knife wall mount to the side of a shelving unit and hang small items on magnetic hooks.”

Have a clutter-free day!

Benches are the Best!

When we moved into our house, I was determined to get a bench.  They were “all-the-rage” at the time and I just “needed” one.  I was shocked at the high price of benches and couldn’t seem to find any that were a decent size at a decent price.  I’m really weird about shopping for things…either I’ll take months and months to find the perfect one, or I’ll just buy the first one I see because I’m too impatient to wait.  Either way, I make for an interesting shopper–just ask my husband. 🙂 

Anyway, back to benches…  My sister-in-law and I decided to check out the local antique market one weekend and hit the jackpot on benches.  There were tons, but all for a little more than I wanted to pay.  We finally stopped at one booth that had a great bench with a not-so-great price–$150.  I really liked it, but knew that I couldn’t justify paying so much.  Luckily, while were were browsing around the booth, the owner mentioned that everything was 50% off today!  That made the bench $75, which was a little more feasible.  Being the annoying shopper that I am, I still wondered if I could find a better deal, so I dragged my sister-in-law around to a few more booths until we realized, that we weren’t going to find a better bench for a better price.  I made my purchase, some how fit the thing in the backseat of my sister’s Honda, and were off.  Since our bed doesn’t have a headboard or foot-board, the bench was a great finishing touch to the end of the bed.  It also added seating in our master bedroom, which is always ideal to have.

Here is our wonderful bench:
 I loved the distressed look of it, and even the bright green color, so I didn’t change a thing about it.
Here are some other great benches.
(all of the following images are via Apartment Therapy)
You can also create a bench out of two ottomans, add a cushion to a wooden or iron bench to soften it, or get one with additional storage.  They’re stylish and functional.  A must for every home!


Well, this weekend’s garage sale shopping trip was not as profitable as I would have hoped, but I did find this great table for $10.  I’ve been looking for one to go in the guest room and this was perfect!

 The 1st closet system is finally installed!  My husband and a friend of his put in the framing on Saturday evening and then we worked on loading it up on Sunday.  Here is a before and after shot.  The “after” shot still shows a lot of unused space…but I’m still in the process of moving items in, so I’m sure I’ll use it up.  Seriously, though…this system has tripled the amount of storage space in our closet.  It’s amazing!


If you didn’t see my previous post on closets, check it out here!

Creative Shelving Ideas

Since bookshelves can get expensive, and we’d all rather be spending our money on something a little more fun, a friend of mine asked me to do some research on creative, inexpensive ways to make a bookshelf.  Some of them take a little more work than others, but they can all be accomplished fairly simply, for the most part.  Here’s what I found.

DIY Bookcase using old dresser drawers- Country Living
DIY Ladder Bookshelves-Networx
This looks a little industrial, but could also be done with some smaller wooden step ladders(shown below).  It would be more appropriate for an interior and might look a little more homey.
This is a really easy one–different types of cubes and crates stacked together are always an easy way of creating a bookshelf.  You pick the cube style.  You pick the shape.  This is also an easy way to categorize or group different types of books (within each cube) :)!
If you’re ok with putting a few holes in the wall, there’s always the “L-bracket/ Invisible Bookshelf Option” as shown below:
DIY instructions on how to make these invisible bookshelves here  
Image via Neon Fox Tounge
Or, if you want to go thrifty and crafty, you could always search for an inexpensive book shelf at a thrift store or garage sale, thrown on a coat of spray paint and add a little wall paper backing and you’re good to go!
Happy Shelving!