the beginning of june?!

It’s the start of another month which means first-of-the-month freebies!

We’ve got new desktop wallpapers from Smashing Magazine

{here are some highlights}

And a new printable calendar from Creature Comforts

download it here

AND the Summer edition of Sweet Paul magazine is available for FREE download here.

It’s pretty sweet!

It officially feels like summer to me!

sweet paul

If you’re looking for some Spring reading, Sweet Paul magazine has published it’s latest 2012 Spring issue and it’s available online for FREE!

It pretty much has everything you’d want to read about in it–recipes, crafts, travel…If you’re a blog reader, this is definitely your kindof magazine.  Beyond that, the photography is is awesome:

Download the full issue for free HERE 

Have a great weekend!

love is in the air

It’s Valentine’s Day!  Are you the type of person who goes all out–flowers, candy, chocolate,and jewelry…maybe even making your sweetheart a special dinner or gift?  Or are you uninterested in the hype?  Is your philosophy that “Valentine’s Day was created by the card and candy companies” and you don’t give it a second thought?

I’m in the middle, I guess.  I enjoy an excuse to celebrate and love to spend time with my hubby, so I have no problem with Valentine’s Day, but I don’t go overboard and am ok if we don’t do gifts or anything crazy…a nice, quiet dinner is good.

We celebrated Valentine’s Day early this year and enjoyed a yummy meal at Bonefish on Saturday, so tonight will be pretty quiet.  But, if you’re celebration is only just beginning, I’ve come up with a few fun elements for your special time.

A great outfit!

{sweet and sassy}

A sweet card

you can download this one for free at Ruffled

A good meal:

you can get the recipe HERE

and, of course…

an amazing wine!

{my favorite–Moscato D’Asti}

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!!