Woodland Inspiration | Reindeer

Is it Monday?  I swear it’s Monday…I mean, it doesn’t make sense that a Thursday would begin with someone ringing your doorbell incessantly at 6:45 a.m. causing your 80 lb dog to bark like someone just ripped his favorite bone out of his mouth while staring him directly in the eyes.  Of course I think there’s some emergency.  My sister. My niece or nephew. The neighbor.  Wrong.  No emergency.  Just a co-worker of my husband’s who’d been trying to reach him because he needed something out of his car BUT his phone was on silent—so he showed up at our door.  Normal, right?  Gooooood morning!  I’m pretty sure my teeth are a millimeter shorter because of the grinding that ensued.

Ok.  Rant over.

For real.

OK! Not sure if you saw my recent artwork on the chalk wall in my kitchen–if not, you can check it out on the Facebook page.  Regardless, I noted that I’m having a slight obsession with Reindeer this season.  Forget the fact that those giant, 250 lb animals cause car accidents every day in many parts of the country and eat our beautiful shrubbery (that’s right–I just used the word shrubbery)–they’re cute!  And they’re hot right now, so I figured I’d throw together a little reindeer inspired gifts board.  I have to admit, the Ikea reindeer mugs are definitely on my “want” list.  What’s your top pick?

Reindeer Motif with logo

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

This fancy sweater didn’t make the board, but I’m diggin’ it too!

I promise I’ll work on my attitude.  Scout’s honor.


Project Decorate | Vote for Me!

Dear Lillie is hosting a contest and I’ve entered.  Would you vote for me?  She’s joined forces with Polyvore and Pottery Barn to help Polyvore launch into the home decor market. The requirement is to create a Polyvore set that fits within their theme of “casual elegance”.  Since I enjoy design and would really love a $500 Pottery Barn gift card (which goes to the winner), I figured, eh, why not?  Here’s my board!  What do you think?  Good enough for a vote?  If not, maybe you’d just like to use it as inspiration.  Either way, enjoy!

project decorate polyvore set


vote for my Polyvore set by Liking it here!