the crescent roll chronicles: part 2

I’m realizing how easy it is to make a number of yummy food items with crescent rolls.  If you haven’t tried Andreas yet, be sure to check out the recipe HERE.  They’re yummy sausage and cream cheese crescent rolls that I usually make for Thanksgiving breakfast and they’re super easy.  I guess that post should’ve been titled “the crescent roll chronicles: part 1”, but I didn’t think of it at the time…although, it does explain why this is part 2!

Part 2 of the crescent roll chronicles is another super easy crescent roll recipe for cinnamon rolls found via Pinterest from HERE!

Ingredients for rolls:

2 cans of crescent rolls

1 stick of butter (softened)

1/2 cu. of white or brown sugar (I used white)

2 tblspn. of cinnamon

Ingredients for glaze:

1/2 cup of powdered sugar

2 tblspns of milk or water

1 tspn of vanilla

Step 1:

Mix sugar, butter and cinnamon together until it creates a paste like this…

Step 2:

Lay crescent rolls triangles out on pan and smear cinnamon/sugar paste onto each triangle

Step 3:

Roll up (wide side, first)

Step 4:

Bake as directed.

(*Note: either grease the pan or bake on foil because the cinnamon filling does ooze out and caramelize onto the pan!)

Step 5:

While they’re baking mix glaze using milk (or water), powdered sugar, and vanilla

 Step 6:

Drizzle glaze on top of cinnamon rolls after they come out of the oven.

And, serve.

Yummmm!  They’re so good. Let me know what you think!

On another exciting note (yes, cinnamon rolls are exciting), Asa’s faux bois rug came in this weekend.  His reading/play nook is now complete!

So fun!

And finally, Ez over at Creature Comforts posted the February printable calendar.  Be sure to download yours HERE–they’re the cutest!

P.S.  Don’t forget to look for my post on Wednesday at Dr. Mommy Online!

P.S.S.  Did you watch the Bachelor last night?!  Ugh!  Courtney…

Happy Tuesday, friends!

asa’s big boy room–revealed!

This weekend, Melody and I installed {almost all of} Asa’s new big boy room!  I posted the idea boards HERE back in October.  We switched up some of the product for pricing purposes but kept the theme and it turned out great!

Here are some pictures of the finished product.

Play Corner

{in case you’re wondering…yes!  those 26  frames took FOREVER to hang!}

Magnet Wall!

This was Asa’s mommy’s favorite part of the room!  Their fridge isn’t magnetic so he will finally be able to play with all of those fun magnets!

Asa’s new “big boy” bed–it has stairs and he LOVES climbing up and down.

Since the bed didn’t have a headboard, we added a subtle stripe to the wall behind the behind using the same color paint in two different finishes–satin & gloss.

We are still waiting on the rug:

…and the second slipcover for the bean bag chair.

The fabric company shipped the wrong fabric…

the current fabric

the fabric we ordered

I love all of the playful elements in the room–I’m sure Asa will have lots of fun in here!

Have a great weekend!