Flower Fun

Even though the month of May has passed, I am still loving flowers for June {and all of summer, for that matter}.  I wanted to share with you a few cute flower items and accessories that you can either purchase online or follow the tutorial and make for yourself!  I’ve found these items in various places {because flowers are EVERYWHERE, you know}, so the direct link and name is shown below each one.

First, flower rings
{for sale}

She has mum flower rings and rose flower rings for only $4 each {plus tax and shipping}!  They come in a variety of colors and would make a great summer accessory!
Check it out at SloDayDesign. 
You’ll have to call her or email her if you’d like to purchase one of the rings.

Second, flower bookmarks

Since I’ve been able to get back in to reading, I have wanted a cute bookmark…and you can’t get much cuter than this {unless it was personalized}! 
These two talented ladies over at Little Birdie Secrets give a great, easy-to-follow tutorial here.
Check it out!
Third, flower gift tags
{printables for purchase}

Sometimes, the wrapping is just as important as the gift.  If you’re like me, and you love to make your gift wrapping perfect, check out this flower gift embellishment printable. 
You can purchase it for $4.00 at the PaperGlitter Etsy Shop.
Fourth, rosette necklaces
{for sale}
These necklaces are available at the Ruffles ‘n Such Etsy Shop for $10.00!  Jill over at Made it on Monday featured them on her blog.  So cute!
Finally, ribbon flower accessory
Check out this great ribbon flower tutorial by Katie over at Something About Katie.  She has added embellishments to the flower in the picture, as well as attaching it to a headband, but you could switch things up and make it into a pin or simply sew it to a pillow.  Either way, there are only 3 supplies involved {ribbon, needle, and thread} and it’s super easy!

Jewelry Week: Using Jewelry as Decoration, Part 3

Ahh, the third and final installment of Jewelry Week.  Well, this one is probably my favorite, so I guess I saved the best for last.

There is a local craft show here that’s held twice a year—and, you know craft shows, there’s everything from Christmas decorations to homemade soap (I loooooooooooove homemade soap, by the way–it’s totally a guilty pleasure.).  Anyway, there is also tons of jewerly at the show, and about 90% of it is way overpriced, although oftentimes very tempting.

On a side note–has anyone ever heard of Yen’s Little Things?–It’s handmade jewelry made with something old/antique and something new.  I loved her stuff when I saw it at a craft show, but haven’t been able to track it down recently.  I have a couple of pieces, but would love more.  She has a blog, but it hasn’t been updated recently.  Here is some of her work. Can you see why I’m in love?


Ok, back to my point; In my perusing for a deal on some crafty jewelry, I stopped at one vendor’s tent and saw a unique way to display earrings.  So, I noted the idea and tried it on my own at a later date.  It’s really easy to make, if you have good wire cutters and a staple gun.  The first time I did it, I didn’t have either and my hands were sore for days.  Take my advice and save yourself the pain.

The steps are as follows:

1. Find a cute frame that you can staple into.  Don’t get something metal–it would be very difficult to get a staple into that, even from a staple gun.

2. Paint it, if you’d like, or leave it the way it is. Mine is pretty simple. I didn’t change it at all.

3. Take out all of the glass and backing so that you’re left with the frame only.

4. Purchase some chicken wire (I got a pretty big roll at Lowes for fairly cheap…and even though you’ll have extra, these make great gifts, so keep it, you might use it again.)

4. Cut the chicken wire with the wire cutters to a size about an inch larger than your picture opening (this gives you enough of an extra edge to attach it to the back of the frame while keeping it hidden from view)…you can eye it to see about how much you need.  Go bigger rather than smaller since you can always trim it down later.

5. Staple the chicken wire (as taunt as possible) to the back of the main portion of the frame with the staples spaced about 3 inches apart.  Don’t try to staple it to the little lip that holds in the matte and glass; it’ll just be frustrating and it’s not necessary (I’ve tried it.)

6. Hook your earrings on it and put it on display!  I lean mine against a wall–I didn’t try to hang it, but you could try that, if you like.

Here is the end result.

Here are some other versions of the same idea.

I love this frame!
Ooooo….and this one, too!
This one uses strung wire instead of the chicken wire backing…I like it!
Here is a cute way to hang it.  Ribbon is always a yes!-idea.
If you decide that you’d rather buy one, check out Jewelry Art
She has all kinds of super cute ways to use jewelry as decoration.  Her earring holders have lattice backing instead of chicken wire–it definitely softens the look of the display.
You may have already seen this before and tried it on you
r own.  If so, please feel free to email your own version at jenna.roebke@gmail.com.  I would love to post some of your work on here!

Jewelry Week: Using Jewelry as Decoration, Part 2

I started my summer Interior Design classes—3 of them!…so things have been a little crazy for the past couple of weeks.  Only one more week to go before I am done teaching for the summer, so I’m holding my breath for a little while longer.

Because of that, my posts may be shorter for a couple of weeks, until I catch my breath.  But don’t stop stopping-by; I love all of my readers!  🙂

Regardless, it’s jewelry week, so here is tip #2 on how to use jewelry as decoration.  This one, I came up with on my own, so I am very proud.

Once I started wearing bracelets, I didn’t know where to store them.  I hated jamming them in a jewelry box drawer or leaving them piled-up somewhere.  So, when I bought a new paper towel roll holder and I was trying to figure out what to do with my old one (which was still kinda cute), it dawned on me—bracelets!  So, I added one more piece of jewelry decoration and space consolodation to my closet.

It’s super simple, even more so than yesterday’s post.  If you don’t already have a stand-alone paper towel holder that you’re not using (although, everyone has one of those lying around, right?), then you might want to check at garage sales or your local thrift store for one that’s inexpensive, yet cute.  I mean, paper towel holders can be expensive–especially considering what they’re being used for.

Once you’ve got it, find the place on a shelf, table, or dresser that you’d like to display your bracelets and slide them on.  They just sort of stack, haphazardly, one on top of the other, regarless of the size, and it ends-up looking pretty cool.  And!–you’ve just saved yourself a ton of storage space!

Here is a picture of mine:

Although, I thought to do this on my own, others were smart too.  Here are some more images of the same idea. 🙂