merry christmas!

I have to admit.  I am spoiled when it comes to time-off and the holidays.  When I was a teacher, I had two, solid weeks off between Christmas and New Years.  Now, making the transition from two weeks to 1/2 a day is not so good for my to-do list.  Needless to say, I am being forced to focus my energies elsewhere and will be taking the rest of this week off.

Many blessings to you and yours during this holiday season!

diy: book page ornament

Today I am going to show you how to make a book page ornament.  You shouldn’t have to buy much for it and it makes a great gift or craft project for the kids.

What You’ll Need

– A round ornament–color doesn’t matter

– Mod Podge

– Glitter

– An old book (or book pages)

What You Do

1. Cut book pages into 1/2″ strips

2. Coat ornament with Modge Podge and attach strips of book pages

3. Once you’ve stuck the book page strip to the ornament, paint modge podge over it to seal it to the ornament.  Depending on how thick the paper is, you may have to add multiple coats–it’s ok, though, it dries clear!

Continue adding strips on top and coating with Modge Podge until the entire surface of the ornament is hidden. Then let it dry.

4. Once the ornament is dry, coat the top in glue.

5. Fill bowl with glitter, then dip the glue-coated top of the ornament in the glitter until it’s completely coated.  Let dry.

6. Embellish!–I added a piece of scrapbook paper with “Peace on Earth” stamped on it but you could add a berry sprig, some ribbon, or even a small picture.

Attach with twine and…Ta-Da!  You’re all done!

Happy Ornament-Making!

DIY yarn pom-poms

Today, I am going to show you how to make yarn pom-poms.  These are really easy and work great as Christmas wrapping embellishment or even as decoration around your home.  Plus, yarn is cheap!…so they’re inexpensive too!

What You’ll Need:

Scissors: good ones–preferably a good pair of sharp, fabric scissors

A skane or ball of medium thickness yarn–the thicker the yarn, the fluffier the pom-pom

What You Do:

Step 1: Wrap the yarn around your first three fingers (pointer, middle, and ring finger) until you have a pretty good size bundle of it wound.

{the number of fingers that you wrap and the amount of yarn directly affects the size of the pom pom.  for smaller pom poms, wrap two fingers and use less yarn}

Step 2: Trim the string of yarn once you’re done winding it around your fingers

Step 3: Cut another piece of yarn that’s roughly 12″ long.

{note:  if you are intending to use this on gift wrap, I recommend cutting a piece long enough to wrap around a gift}

Step 4: Stick one end of the 12″ piece of yarn in between your fingers (nearest to the knuckle) and bring the other side of the piece down between the tips of those same fingers.

Step 5: Tie the two ends into a knot

Step 6: Gently pull the yarn off of your fingers so that it remains in a ball, tied by the knot. {re-tighten if necessary}

Step 7:  Wrap the two hanging pieces around the ball of yarn and tie another knot on the other side {the same way you tied the first one}

Step 8:  Make sure the knot is good and tight and then cut around the outside of the ball {see picture}

Step 9: Cut all the way around until all loops are cut in half.

Step 10:  Once all loops are cut, trim yarns until the pom-pom is round and the length you want.

Then use them to decorate your packages, string them as garland, or whatever you like!

{my cat seems to enjoy batting it around 🙂 }

And you’re done!  There are a lot of steps, but they go really quickly–once you try it once, you’ll be making pom-poms in no time!

Have a great weekend, friends!

diy: salt dough tags

Today I’m going to show you how to make these fun salt dough tags.  The great thing about these is that they’re cheap and cute!  You can make them with your kids as a Christmas ornament craft or you can use them to spruce up packages under the tree.

There was a little trial-and-error involved in making mine but, luckily, the recipe makes a lot of dough and allots for a few casualties.

The Recipe:

1 cup of all purpose flour

1/2 cup of salt

1/2 cup of luke warm water

The Steps:

Mix everything together in a medium mixing bowl until you have a ball of (not-too-sticky) dough.

Roll the dough into a ball and then flatten out onto a piece of wax paper.

{I don’t have a rolling pin so I used a piece of pvc pipe–whatever works!}

**Note!: This picture shows a lot of extra flour–try to use as little flour as possible when rolling out the dough.  Whatever flour is stuck to the dough will make the tags look flaky even after they’ve been baked.

Use a cookie cutter {or something with a round opening} to cut out the tags

Remove the extra dough {roll up and re-flatten to cut out more tags if necessary} and place on a cookie sheet for baking

The Decoration Option 1: Stamping ONLY

Stamp the tags with whatever words or pictures you’d like.  You can do this 2 different ways.

Either stamp the soft dough before it’s been baked {using a regular stamp & ink}


Stamp the tag after it’s been baked.

**Note!: Stamping soft dough leaves an impression but also room for “over-stamping” & fuzzy or smudged ink, whereas stamping baked tags doesn’t leave an impression but usually makes for a clearer stamp.

The Decoration: Painting & Stamping

I left some of the tags unstamped before baking them, then when they were completely baked & cooled I painted them {with acrylic paint} and then stamped them once the paint had dried.

This method covers-up any flour spots and leaves a clearer stamp.

Finally: Be sure to poke holes in the tops of the tags where you can add a string or a ribbon!

{here is a mix of unbaked and baked}

Bake at 250 for about 2 hours and then let cool

and there you go!

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Happy Thursday, friends!


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