beauty home remedies

Today, at work, we had a Friendsgiving.

Somehow, our dinner coversation turned to the topic of natural hair treatments {I guess hair conversation isn’t that odd, considering we’re a bunch of girls}.  I’ve tried some all-natural masques before, but I found this video and thought there were some good ideas–not to mention, it seemed appropriate, considering our conversation earlier today.

Some of the remedies definitely sounded gross but, if they work, might be worth 5-15 minutes of discomfort.

What do you think?  Something you might want to try before Thursday so that you’re glowing for all of those family pictures?! 🙂

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

got bangs?

I know that I said I’d be out this week, but I’m home sick today with a head cold.  All I want to do is sleep, but if I lay my head down for too long, I can’t breathe any more.  So, I’ve been propped in bed, perusing Pinterest, of course!  …and I found this great video for bangs.

I don’t know if you have bangs, but I do.  I love them, but sometimes I want to switch things up a little.  I’ve never been very good  at doing my own hair, so I normally just blow dry it and leave it down, but THIS I can do.

Check it out!

Happy Thursday!