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Thankfully, I am feeling better today.  Last night, I was worried that I’d never get back to normal as coughing racked my body… Today it has slowed down significantly, though and I’m noticing a difference in my energy level {and the feeling of the size of my head}.

I do have something in the works for you for next week when I’m back to 100%, but today I wanted to share a few clever uses with magnets that I found on pinterest.

This picture was my original inspiration for this post:

When I found this on pinterest I thought it was genius!  I used some business card magnets that have the sticky side for adhering business cards {and then using them as magnets}, cut then in half {horizontally} and then lined them up in a strip across the inside, bottom portion of my medicine cabinet.  Now all of my bobby pins that got lost or were in the back of a drawer are found and easily accessible right on the inside of my medicine cabinet at all times!

If you use bobby pins, I would highly recommend this.

Then, I found some other great uses for magnets that also help with organization…

Who knew?!

On another note, I met a fellow blogger friend this weekend–Meg from Little Blue Prints!  We were neighbors at Fiesta in the Park–she has the cutest blog and great style!  Little Blue Prints has some really cute ideas so be sure to check it out!

Her mini topiaries are a new favorite of mine!

Have a great weekend!  Be sure to check back next week for a freebie!

paper mache. okay?

I’ve kindof been diggin’ paper mache animal heads lately.  We have this one from West Elm at work that “stares” at me all day…

I think it’s pretty cool.

I found this great DIY for some $9 deer heads over at Danielle Oakey Interiors and, even though she didn’t use paper mache, the finished product has that look and it’s inspired me to do some!

{Here’s the tutorial from Danielle–super easy!}

step 1:
cut off heads.
i took the deer to my local home depot’s tool rental.
they used the chop saw to remove the heads.
{hint: you need to cut the heads at the same angle that you want them to hang on the wall}
step 2:
wipe the heads down of any dirt or dust to prep for painting.

step 3:
paint the deer heads.
i used a white primer and a high gloss pure white paint.
it took me 4 coats total.
step 4:
select fabric and cut to fit your plaque.
i used a leftover backing from an old picture frame as my plaque.
step 5:
glue fabric to backing.
i used mod podge and it worked perfectly.
step 6:
wrap fabric tightly around plaque
step 7:
glue deer head to fabric plaque.
step 8:
attach hook on back.
i used a leftover hook from an ikea picture i purchased. it works perfect.
i used a hot glue gun to adhere it to the plaque.
If you can’t find Christmas reindeer {heads} but you still want that look, you can use other common items and apply paper mache.
Check these out…
{via Cloth and Patina}
{via Lulu Bird}
So, there you have it!  My next craft project.
Paper Mache.
Who woulda thought?!
Here is a paper mache recipe, in case you forgot how your teacher made it when you were a kid. 🙂
Happy Crafting!

coffee filter craft

In my preparation for fall, I’ve been itching to add some type of garland or bunting to my home decor.  While I love bunting, it usually seems more appropriate for parties or advertisements and while I love garland, I usually associate it with Christmas  …needless to say, it’s been difficult to pinpoint that perfect type of garland {or bunting}.

Until now.

In my perusing on Pinterest, I found {and immediately pinned} this picture.

{from Creature Comforts}

After researching a little more, I realized that Pam Garrison had created a bit of a DIY instruction guide for this project.  I loved her DIY but decided that I would use it with slight modification–Emily over at Jones Design Company recently posted this great DIY for a coffee filter autumn wreath and I wanted to incorporate her dye methods.

According to Pam Garrison, the supplies needed include:

coffee filters, crepe paper, sheet music, sewing pattern paper, tissue paper, and string.

I love that she included so many diverse things, but the truth is; I don’t have all of that stuff.

So, instead, I plan to use coffee filters {of course! I got them for $1 at Dollar Tree this weekend}, scrapbook paper {for pattern}, and string {to hold them together}…and THEN follow this method with dye {for the coffee filters only}:

{plain ole’ acrylic paint}

Once the filters have been dyed and dried {be sure to keep some solid white}, it’ll be time to go to work stringing the filters and alternating the colors with patterned scrapbook paper.

**note: it’s ok if the filters are crinkled and wrinkled–it will give the garland thickness and character**

If you notice here, Pam tied the filters off into bunches by knotting the string at the start and the end of each bunch–it creates a pom pom effect.

This garland will be the perfect touch of cozy in my home!  The nice part about it is that it can be customized depending on the season–just switch the dye color.

I can’t wait for it to be finished!

Have you gotten your Fall decor out yet?  I pulled mine out this weekend.  Such a nice feeling. 🙂

Happy Tuesday, Friends!

T-shirt Scarf DIY

Even though the heat index is still in the upper 90s in Florida, I’ve got Fall on the brain.  I don’t know about you, but when I think of Fall, I think of scarves.  
{of course, in some northern states, scarves are a reality year-round….yeah.  not. in. florida.}
This t-shirt scarf requires a level 1 crafting ability.  No sewing ability required {awesome!}.  If you can use scissors, you can make it.
Here is the finished product that you have to look forward to
image from hellohoneyno
Let’s get to work!
                      :: scissors
                      :: large or xl t-shirt in a solid color
      1 :: cut hem off of bottom of t-shirt and set aside
      2 :: lay tshirt out flat on a table
      3 :: cut t-shirt into horizontal strips 1/2″-1″ wide all the way up to the 
           armpit of the shirt {the thinner they are, the more you’ll get out of the 
      4 :: after all strips are cut, take grouping of 3 or 4 and stretch them out 
                                            {as shown in picture below}
image from method
     5:: re-group all strips and drape around your neck then wrap or double 
          them to create the thickness you desire.
 It creates a cow-neck style so there’s no need to sew together or stitch up!
You can mix colors too–use 2 different color t-shirts and create a multi-colored scarf!  Super easy, super cute!  Mine took me 15 minutes to make and cost me nothing {since I stole a shirt from my hubby} 🙂
Have Fun!

Mercury Glass

Mercury glass has been a hot thing on the market for the past 6 months or so.  You can find it at most craft stores, furniture stores, and even at Target {of course, they have everything!}…and I’ve always liked it.  Thought it was pretty.  But never wanted to pay a whole lot for it.  Well, now I can have it {and so can you!} without paying hardly anything at all.
 According to DIY Hacks, Krylon’s Looking Glass spray paint is your ticket to that inexpensive mercury glass look.
Here are the steps to get this look:
First: Spray the item (lamp, vase…anything made out of glass) with water, first.  Almost a mist so that it stays on the object instead of dripping off.
Then: Spray Krylon Looking Glass spray paint {while the object is still wet with mist}.
Outcome: The paint won’t stick smoothly and evenly on the object because the water will prevent that and you’ll get the distressed, silver look of Mercury Glass!
Pretty simple, huh?
Go make some Mercury Glass!