special surprises

I have been blogging for over two years now.  It’s been an adventure, that’s for sure.  From starting with lots of inspiration to actually growing my blog to have it’s own little following and then opening my shop, I’ve had lots and lots of learning experiences.  For a long time, I was almost obsessed with comparing Everyday Clever to other blogs {other much more “mature” and established blogs}–I constantly got “blog envy” and felt that my blog was lacking.  Recently, life-changes have forced me to put things on a bit of a “slow-down.”  Unlike many pro-bloggers, I am not a stay-at-home mom and my blog is not my business–it’s my hobby.  I need the stability of an outside job because I have to bring in a certain amount of incomes.  This is fine, it’s where God has placed me right now {and, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy what I do}, but things with work have been quite busy {not complaining}, and I’ve had to prioritize.

Unfortunately, my blog has been lowered on the totem pole of priorities.  It makes me sad, because I love having a creative outlet and motivation to try new projects and share new ideas, but I know that it’s sort-of a must right now.  With all of that being said, I had felt a little like all of the work I’ve put into my blog over the past 2 years was starting to waste away and that things were slowly on the decline, until this week.

This week, for the first time ever, I received a special surprise from a fellow blogger–Reni @ Bliss and Tell.  The gift wasn’t huge, but it was so cute and really gave me some renewed feelings about the future of Everyday Clever.

Reni designed my oh-so-beautiful business cards a few months ago, after I won the giveaway Jami was hosting at Freckled Laundry.  She’s a creative spirit herself and does a great job marketing herself and her business.  This week, she sent me this little packet of gift tags that are absolutely adorable!

While my posts are not as frequent as they used to be, I have no intention of giving up on this little blog.  Even if no one reads it, it has become an important part of my life and despite life changes and financial duties, I plan to keep it going.  Reni’s {small but thoughtful} gift made me realize that connections with other women and the ability to share creative ideas and inspiration… and life-experiences {struggles, victories, and everything in between} matters to me.

I hope it matters to you to and that you’ll keep reading.

Thanks, Reni!

what’s in a spring wardrobe?

It in the 80’s here.  That’s right–80’s!  It feels like we skipped all the way to summer already!  So much for getting one or two more wears out of those sweaters…I’m ready for some spring clothes!  There are a couple of things that I’m super excited about for Spring of ’12–nude and lace.

My first must-have for Spring is a pair of nude pumps.

Can’t you just picture these with a sweet sun dress or some white skinny jeans?!

These are a bit more pink, but lovely all the same.

…and of course, there’s always the grey version–you know how we love grey

Now I just gotta get some sun so my shoes don’t disappear when I put them on!

My other favorite for Spring is lace.  Lace tops are popping up everywhere and I love them!!

Personally, I’m a big fan of the looser lace but, really, it’s all great.

What are some items you’re looking forward to in fashion this Spring?

On another note.  Thank you to everyone who gave feedback on my new business cards.  Reni sent me the final proof over this weekend and they look awesome!

Here’s the final draft–don’t you love how she incorporated the khaki, blue, and grey chevron?!  It all works together perfectly!

Happy Tuesday, friends!