Quick Tips | How High To Hang Pictures, Part 1

One of the most common mistakes people make is hanging pictures [and other art or wall-adornment] too high.  The reason for this is simple and innocent–they’ve heard that “eye-level” is the appropriate height.  This is not bad advice but let’s face it, eye-level is different for everybody.  So, today, we’ve come up with a little tutorial on how to hang your artwork.

There are a couple different scenarios that would dictate placement.  The first scenario applies when art is the focal point of the wall, meaning the art is only thing on the wall–there’s no furniture piece under it.  The second scenario applies when art is hung over a piece of furniture. We’re only going to discuss the first scenario today in part 1.  Part 2 will cover the second scenario so stay tuned for that!

In the first scenario, when art is the focal point and there isn’t any furniture below it, the best rule of thumb is that the center of the art should be 58″ from the floor (regardless of the ceiling height).

1 piece at 58

large art

image via

The same height applies to various groupings of art…

For an “asymmetrical balance composition” or gallery wall, the center of the composition should be 58″ from the floor.

gallery wall at 58

gallery wall 3

image via

For a row of art, the center of each piece in the row should be at 58″.

3 pieces at 58

3 framed art

image via

and for a symmetrical balance composition, the center of the space between the upper level and lower level should be at 58″.

symmetrical balance at 58

stacked art

image via

Hope this helps!  Stay tuned for part 2 next week and feel free to leave any questions in the comment section below!

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New Prints!

Since Spring is officially over and yesterday was the first day of Summer, I thought I’d design a special print to celebrate!
 This one has replaced the Spring print in the shop and is now on sale for $9.99.
Additionally, just to mix things up a bit, I’ve designed two more prints….
The first is my Southern Pineapple print in honor of southern hospitality.  I just love southern culture and wanted to design something that would sum it all up.
Don’t you love the quote?! 
My grandmother says this all the time–a true, hospitable, southern woman, so this one’s for her.
And last, but certainly not least, another bird print to add to the collection.  
This time with a quote from Maya Angelou…
Both of these are also available for purchase in the shop.
If you haven’t checked out the cleverness collection lately, here’s a taste.

All art prints are $9.99, sized 8×10 and make great gifts!

Get your today!

This and That

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So, I’ve been checking out The Graphics Fairy a lot lately…great little blog {actually, big blog} with lots and lots of vintage clip art.  You can get really crafty with clip art, but I’ve been thinking, pillow decal.  Here are a couple of the images from today’s post:

 She also has other vintage post cards and printables like this:

It’s, pretty much, an ahh-mazing resource.
On another random note, I had a delish sandwich the other day that I can’t help but talk about…4 words: Curry Chicken + Mango Chutney = Yummmmm!
Know a good Curry Chicken Salad recipe?  Please share.  It really is time for all of those spring salad recipes to re-surface!
Have a warm and sunny Thursday!


Scripture Art

You may have noticed that I love this new blog, Jones Design Company.  She has great ideas and user friendly tutorials on her blog.  She recently posted a picture of her re-arranged office and one of the pictures highlighted some of her art work:
This lamp print in particular was really cool:

I realized that she actually sells this lamp print, and other art prints like it on her website.

I love them! …and for $14.95, you can’t go wrong. 
I really like the bird print {of course}. 

 Just wanted to share the wealth!  Happy Thursday!

Display your quotables

I found this awesome DIY art project that I am super beyond excited about!  

Learn how to make your own subway art. 
You can find the tutorial at Jones Design Company  
(I’m in love with this blog, btw)
…and it’s so easy you’ll want to make it tomorrow!