Things I Like | Rug Pad USA

I recently received my rug pad from Rug Pad USA and it’s fantastic!  I’ve had a few “slip resistant” rug pads in the past since I have tile throughout my home, but have never splurged on a really nice rug pad.  I got the Premium Lock which has felt on one side and rubber on the other so there’s actually significant grip on both sides–the rubber grip side has a grid “lock” pattern that works wells to reduce any slippage.

rug pad

Adding the rug pad immediately made my regular rug feel like it was super expensive and I sort of wonder how I ever went without.  The nice thing about the composition of the rug is that it actually has a natural rubber backing that will hold-up longer than a synthetic latex backing would… which is great because I will definitely use this pad for a long time!  However, if there are any problems with the rug, you can’t beat the 20 year warranty it comes with!

rug pad usa

The pad shipped quickly, came wrapped compactly, and was trimm-able even with the significant thickness.  There was a slight odor when I first received the rug pad but it wasn’t anything that didn’t dissipate within a few hours.

Do YOU have rug pads under your rugs?  If not, check out Rug Pad USA–they have a variety of options and thicknesses for all floor types and rug types so I’m sure you’ll find something you can use!


Tips and Tricks | Online Shopping

As designers, we spend so much time shopping…shopping online, shopping in stores, even looking through catalogs, and pinterest, and houzz….and wherever else a product can be found and purchased. We’re always shopping….for someone.

We’re not complaining because we do enjoy shopping, but we’re not kidding when we tell you that the level we take it to could really qualify it as a sport.  The hauling, lifting, packing, unpacking, searching, and WALKING that shopping requires is absolutely a physical workout.

…Which is why we like online shopping.  Online shopping isn’t as tasking as shopping in a physical store(s) but there’s still a bit of challenge involved in that it’s important to know where to look.  We all have our go-to websites, so we thought you might like to see some of ours.  You can add them to your online shopping lists for future reference!

Joss and Main

One Kings Lane

Hayneedle (formerly The Foundry)


World Market

Pottery Barn


Home Decorators Collection

Joy & Revelry


You may notice that there are a few “one time deal” sites listed.  There’s something to be said for the product finds and prices available on these types of websites so don’t discredit it just because they require you to register.

We hope this is useful!  We’d love to hear about some of the places you frequent too!

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Spring Cleaning | Pillow Talk

Happy first day of Spring! (if you’re getting this on Thursday, that is…)  I was in Virginia last week for work and the high on Wednesday was like 37.  Yeah.  No thank you.  I’ll take my Florida 80s anytime.

There’s no place like home.

Since I’m sure many of your are trying to fluff your house for Spring ( I mean, Easter is only  a few short weeks away.  No, seriously.  It is.), I thought it was appropriate to share a tip and a deal with you today to help you get your spring cleaning moving right along.

The deal.

The Bluebird Shop is having a 15% off Sale on all of it’s pillow covers!  They’ve got some fantastic and fun fabrics AND the price is right.  Check out a few of my top picks for under $20.

The Bluebird Shop Pillows

keep in mind that these are only the covers so you’ll have to purchase the pillow forms separately. Which leads me right into The Tip.

Well, actually a few tips…

#1 When purchasing pillow forms (or pillows in general, for that matter), always go with the down-filled pillows.  They are a little more expensive, typically, but they can be fluffed-up so that they look super-full which is totally worth a couple of extra bucks.  My little trick is to buy pillows from the clearance section (you know, the ones in that very last aisle at HomeGoods), keep the form and throw the cover away.  Then, as long as the size is right, it doesn’t matter if the cover is ugly because you won’t be using it!

#2 If your cover is made for a 20 x 20 pillow, buy the pillow form that’s one size larger.  Again, it makes for super fluffy, full pillows which are the best!

#3 I wouldn’t recommend buying pillows that are any smaller than 18×18 (filled with a 20″ form, of course), especially if it’s for a sofa.  Smaller pillows can be ok for an accent here and there or maybe for a dining chair, but not for some place where they’re really going to get used.

Hope this was helpful!  See you next week!

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Quick Tips| How High To Hang Pictures, Part 2

Here is the second installment of correct picture hanging height.  This post relates to hanging pictures over furniture. If you missed part 1 on how high to hang pictures when they are the focal point on a wall, you’ll want to check that out!

For part 2, how high to hang pictures when they are over a standard height [30″-36″, most seating types and tables types] piece of furniture, the best rule to follow is to hang it 6″ above the piece of furniture.

hanging artwork over sofa 1[6″ from the top of the back of the sofa to the bottom of the art]

art over sofaimage via

hanging artwork over console or sideboard

[6″ from the top of the table to the bottom of the art]

art over console

image via

For a gallery wall or asymmetrical composition that is over a piece of furniture, the rule is 6″ from the bottom of the lowest piece to the top of the piece of furniture (sofa, table, etc)

hanging artwork over sofa 2art over sofa 2

image via

Of course, there can always be a little tweaking…an inch up or down depending on the art piece or the furniture piece, but something in that range is always a safe number.

The goal is for the furniture and the art to look connected within the space.  If the art is hung too high, it appears to be floating.  Remember, you’re not trying to fill the whole wall with the art by hanging it right in the middle, you’re trying to bring the eye down to the vignette you’ve created with your furniture and art.

Happy hanging!

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