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Hi, I’m Jenna and this hot guy next to me is my husband, Jason.  I’m an Interior Designer, Pinterest addict, avid eater, and die-hard Floridian with a guilty pleasure for reality shows.  My husband and I met in kindergarten…that’s right, kindergarten, and were high-school sweethearts.  We’ve been married for seven years and have two adorable pets–our dog and cat, Carter & Banks.

We are very blessed but we absolutely understand what living on a budget looks like–at least one of us has been in school for the majority of our marriage and let’s face it, school’s not cheap!  What would Dave Ramsey do? Right?!…but I also love beautiful things and beautiful spaces.  Bungalow is a place where budget and beauty meet and the outcome is an inspired space that’s beautiful, comfortable, and well-loved.

I hope you’ll visit again soon!

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