Things I Like | Rug Pad USA

I recently received my rug pad from Rug Pad USA and it’s fantastic!  I’ve had a few “slip resistant” rug pads in the past since I have tile throughout my home, but have never splurged on a really nice rug pad.  I got the Premium Lock which has felt on one side and rubber on the other so there’s actually significant grip on both sides–the rubber grip side has a grid “lock” pattern that works wells to reduce any slippage.

rug pad

Adding the rug pad immediately made my regular rug feel like it was super expensive and I sort of wonder how I ever went without.  The nice thing about the composition of the rug is that it actually has a natural rubber backing that will hold-up longer than a synthetic latex backing would… which is great because I will definitely use this pad for a long time!  However, if there are any problems with the rug, you can’t beat the 20 year warranty it comes with!

rug pad usa

The pad shipped quickly, came wrapped compactly, and was trimm-able even with the significant thickness.  There was a slight odor when I first received the rug pad but it wasn’t anything that didn’t dissipate within a few hours.

Do YOU have rug pads under your rugs?  If not, check out Rug Pad USA–they have a variety of options and thicknesses for all floor types and rug types so I’m sure you’ll find something you can use!


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