Inspiration in Design | Animals

Animal art in design is one of my favorite “go to’s” to bring personality, nature, and even sentimentality to a space.  There are multiple ways to sneak these accents into a room or even make them explode on the scene.

As a child, there was a moment for me when it became clear that I had a talent for drawing.  Naturally, as a girl who loved horses, dogs and anything else with fur, animals were my muses.  It only stood to reason that my house would be decorated with various animals when design became my medium.

It can be scary decorating with animals since they have such a personal nature, but if you have a beloved pet or just a quirky personality you might find it fun to display an accent or work of art that will definitely be a conversation starter!  Here are some pictures of pieces I did of my own animals as well as Jenna’s cat.

Puppy and KittyBanks 2I love, Love, LOVE the idea of a 5’ by 6’ abstract-ish, wildly colored moose or bull on my wall.  It can bring simple color and texture to a quiet design—or even incredulous inquiries and laughs from unsuspecting guests.  Watch HGTV when they redo homes for the average person—they will put large pieces of unpredictable art subject matter in the design, and it is so graphic and unexpected.  Anything done in giant scale is pretty much cool in my book.

Birds, sea life, and anything that embodies serenity in a design, or simple traditional styling is a wonderful go to create a large composition with an art series.  The relationship between the subject matter creates a “collection” with style, that doesn’t look ordinary.

One of the most wonderful things about animal art, is the way it captures a person’s love of a place or beloved pet.  Those are the animals that hang in my home—in memoriam of our children before we had children!

Accent pieces like bookends, sculpture, baskets, stools, lamps etc, can bring whimsy and texture with a bit more subtlety.  Check out these fun pieces!

Animal Art Board 21 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

With all of these ideas, I expect that you will be adding some fun, quirky, creature to your spaces very soon!

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