a milestone

Today my Mom was honored for serving as a nurse for 35 years!  Someone joked with her saying, “so you started when you were 5, right!?”

The time she has spent helping others has flown by so fast.  She’s been a nurse for my entire life and I’ve never imagined her doing anything different.  Despite my perceptions that the time has gone quickly, I can’t even imagine the depths of her sadness, having to witness (and sometimes carry) the pain of others, or the victories she’s delighted in when the sick are cured.  It takes a strong person to be a nurse… and amazing perseverance and tenacity to be so strong for so long.

The celebration was quite lovely–a high tea.

Even though this was what I shared with my Mom for Nurse Appreciation Day, it is something I am proud to share every day:

“Thank you for over 30 years of service as a nurse-for placing the needs of others before your own, for being willing to provide care to hurting friends, family, and even acquaintances, and for kissing my boo-boos & bandaging my scrapes. You are a wonderful mom and nurse and I am lucky to have you!”


4 thoughts on “a milestone

  1. Congrats to your Mom! She is one of the most genuinely kind women I have known. My father was her patient, and we had so much comfort knowing that she was caring for him during such a difficult time. Please give her a hug from the Reeps!

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