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The “Selling Handmade Online” series from Harbor Breeze is over.  If you missed it, though, here’s the index so be sure to peruse through for some last minute ideas!

Day 1: “Meet the Teachers”
{4 bloggers tell their handmade business stories.}
Day 2: “Product Branding”
{graphic design and store banners}
Day 3: “Organizing a Workspace”
{when you live where you work!}
Day 4: “Presenting your Product”
{tips for photographing}
Day 5: “Wrapping up a Sale”
{packaging for shipment}
Day 6: “Promoting your Shop”
{getting the word out}
Day 7: “Balancing it all”
{multitasking in life!}
My latest post goes live tomorrow on Dr. Mommy–it’s all about potting benches.  I don’t have one yet, but writing that post inspired me!  There may be a potting bench in my near future!  I’m think something like this, maybe.
I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!  We had a great weekend, all-together–got house chores done on Saturday, saw Hunger Games Saturday evening, Church on Sunday morning, and then some family time in the afternoon!  It even got a little cool here, which was so nice.
For Easter, my husband ordered me the Tocca perfumes I posted about here.  I’ve never purchased perfume without smelling it before, but they should be here soon so I’ll let you know what I think!
Happy Easter Candy Recovery Week! 🙂

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