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We’ve all seen the “paint preview programs” at Lowes and Home Depot that allow you to upload a personal picture of your own room and then put paint color on the walls.  Usually they don’t work and end up being more frustrating than helpful. …and I admit, it can be hard to visualize paint color in an entire room especially considering that sunlight and artificial light can play major tricks on you!  But have you ever wanted to do the opposite?  You see a picture of an already completed room in a magazine, blog, or on Pinterest and you LOVE it…you just can’t figure out what the actual paint colors are (you know…gray isn’t always just gray, it’s blue-gray or purple-gray or it has more black in it…).  This is where Sherwin Williams’ Chip It comes in.

You simply upload the image url

{and it can even be a blog home page…it’ll pull ALL of the pictures}

Select the image you want to “Chip” and get this!

Pretty cool, huh?!  I will definitely be using this!

On another color note, have you seen the Hunger Games nail polish series?!

It’s crazy that there’s actually a nail polish series for the Hunger Games but also a little genius. I love all for of the front colors!..and I’m sure everyone will be wearing glitter on their nails for a while.

Happy Friday, friends!


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