loving lavender

Have you started (thinking about) your Spring planting yet?  I remember being so pumped about it last year, but today is the first day of Spring and planting hasn’t even crossed my mind.  Last year we had a “salsa garden” with peppers, tomatoes, and herbs (…and cucumber and beans, as well) and even though everything else died a long time ago, our banana pepper and jalapeno pepper plants have been producing since we planted them.  In fact, I have a entire tree (it has actually grown into a tree) of peppers that need to be plucked right now.  I’d really like to rip it all out and start fresh but my husband loves the peppers so much that I doubt he’d let me.

Regardless, I’m not too interested in planting a vegetable garden this year–a tomato plant and a few herbs will probably suffice.  But, a flower garden might be fun!  My favorite couponing website- TrueCouponing.com shared this great deal the other day from My Lavendar Garden: 6 lavender plants for $15.95 (delivered) which works out to be $2.66 per plant.  Go HERE to check it out!  I love the smell AND look of Lavender, don’t you?!

Happy first day of Spring!


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