something worth watching

This is a different type of post for me.  I typically like to keep things light and fun, but I after watching this video recently I couldn’t help but share.

The internet is an amazing thing.  It’s definitely taken us places and enabled things that we never dreamed possible.  While some people use it with ill intentions and shameful motives, others use it for good–to support a worthwhile cause, increase awareness, spread truth.  I believe that the internet is a powerful tool and that social media has created a simple way to make a big impact.

I’m not big into politics.  And even though my very politically-minded mother would argue that my generation is “the problem with politics today”, I do understand and agree that belief in a cause and the willingness to fight for that cause adds value to our lives and has the potential to enrich the lives of others.  And even if we can’t devote an entire lifetime to it, we can do our part by spreading the word.  Through blogs, Facebook posts, Twitter updates, pins on Pinterest, and personal websites we have the ability to make an impact without ever leaving our homes.  Not that this is where it should stop, but it sure is an easy place to start.

I’m sharing this video with you today because, even though it doesn’t fit into the theme of this blog, I think it’s something worth watching…and sharing.


Feel free to comment and share!


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