diy: star mobile

It seems that everyone I know is having a baby!  Crazy.  Asa’s big-boy room installation is scheduled for this Saturday–I posted the idea boards in this post.  He’s moving out of the nursery to make space for his new baby brother, Kade, due in March.  And! My nephew is due in just one month!  Hudson should be arriving on or around February 16th!

My sister-in-law, Ally, and I have been trying to add some finishing touches to his room.  This week, Ally and I, along with my other two sisters-in-law, got together to make the mobile.  I know, some people say that mobiles are unnessecary or distracting, but we couldn’t resist {hopefully the sleep machine with heartbeat and ocean sound will make up for it!}

When we were deciding how to make the mobile, I pulled some inspiration from Pinterest–these are a few of our top picks

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own star mobile:

stamp in the shape you’d like or pre-cut die-cuts, embroidery hoop, ribbon, fishing line, hot glue, colored cardstock

Step 1:  Use the stamp to punch out the shape–we used 4 different colors of cardstock so we punched out stars from each color.  Set aside.

Step 2: Wrap the embroidery hoop with ribbon.

Step 3: Create ring stabalizers and hanging loop-use three long pieces of ribbon {be sure to measure how long the pieces need to be based on how high your ceilings are vs. how low you want the mobile to hang}.

Glue and wrap the end of each of the three pieces around the embroidery hoop.  Space them equa-distant at 3 different points on the ring.

Step 4: Punch 2 holes for stringing in each shape using a push pin.

Warning!  This can be tedious but will vary depending on the size of your shapes and the amount you will need to fill the mobile

Step 5: String multiple stars in a variety of colors onto each piece of fishing line.

We used fishing line at varrying lengths. Tie a knot at the end of the line before stringing.

Step 6: Tie each strand onto the embroidery hoop, spaced out evenly.

The number of strands you will need will vary based on the size of the embroidery hoop. We used 12-15 strands.

And you’re done!

What’s your take on mobiles?  Distracting or soothing?

Check back later this week–Meg over at Little Blue Prints has offered a great item from her Etsy shop as a giveaway!!

See you soon!


2 thoughts on “diy: star mobile

  1. I love mobiles, probably more for beauty and whimsy rather than functional, however number 3 didn’t have one. But I have been thinking of making him one now, the area above his bed is too empty. Love how this one turned out, so cute! Yeah for little boys!


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