throw pillows: a “how-to”

If you’re like me, you love throw pillows. If your husband is like mine, he hates them. They “get in the way and cost too much money”. But they can add so much fun to a room–color, pattern, texture…so I keep them around anyway, even if they all end up piled onto one sofa by the end of the night.

It can be hard to master mixing-and-matching of throw pillows, though, and sometimes there’s really no formula to making it work. It just does. Other times, though, you can follow a few simple rules when mixing-and-matching and it comes out beautifully.  Usually the mix includes patterns (small & large) and solids.

Option 1:  1 solid + 1 bold stripe (or large geometric pattern) + 1 floral

Option 2: 1 large pattern + 1 small pattern

Option 3: 1 pattern + 1 solid

Option 4: multiple patterns in the same color scheme

Option 5: all florals

These are not the only combinations that work but they are a few of the simplest that make the most impact.  If you’re looking for some pattern options, click the link on the left for the “Top 10 Fabric Patterns of 2011” (I’m pretty sure they’re still popular even though it’s 2012)

Hope this helps as you clear away the Christmas and re-decorate for the new year!

images via apartment therapy, design dump, plate & pattern, & absolutely beautiful things


One thought on “throw pillows: a “how-to”

  1. that is so me and my husband {and kids} my pillows all end up on the floor. When everyone goes to bed that’s when I fluff them back up and place them in their perfect spots on the sofas! I guess it’s a guy thing to not like them. Love your options too, so helpful!


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