diy: book page ornament

Today I am going to show you how to make a book page ornament.  You shouldn’t have to buy much for it and it makes a great gift or craft project for the kids.

What You’ll Need

– A round ornament–color doesn’t matter

– Mod Podge

– Glitter

– An old book (or book pages)

What You Do

1. Cut book pages into 1/2″ strips

2. Coat ornament with Modge Podge and attach strips of book pages

3. Once you’ve stuck the book page strip to the ornament, paint modge podge over it to seal it to the ornament.  Depending on how thick the paper is, you may have to add multiple coats–it’s ok, though, it dries clear!

Continue adding strips on top and coating with Modge Podge until the entire surface of the ornament is hidden. Then let it dry.

4. Once the ornament is dry, coat the top in glue.

5. Fill bowl with glitter, then dip the glue-coated top of the ornament in the glitter until it’s completely coated.  Let dry.

6. Embellish!–I added a piece of scrapbook paper with “Peace on Earth” stamped on it but you could add a berry sprig, some ribbon, or even a small picture.

Attach with twine and…Ta-Da!  You’re all done!

Happy Ornament-Making!

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