beauty home remedies

Today, at work, we had a Friendsgiving.

Somehow, our dinner coversation turned to the topic of natural hair treatments {I guess hair conversation isn’t that odd, considering we’re a bunch of girls}.  I’ve tried some all-natural masques before, but I found this video and thought there were some good ideas–not to mention, it seemed appropriate, considering our conversation earlier today.

Some of the remedies definitely sounded gross but, if they work, might be worth 5-15 minutes of discomfort.

What do you think?  Something you might want to try before Thursday so that you’re glowing for all of those family pictures?! 🙂

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

14 thoughts on “beauty home remedies

  1. So much of this was very popular in the 70s – egg and/or mayonnaise in the hair, beer rinses for your hair, rain water rinses…lemon in the hair and sit in the sun for natural highlights. I don’t know…the chemicals are challenging but predictable. My aestheticians only use natural and organic products made locally. I wouldn’t put anything on m skin that I wouldn’t feel ok putting in my mouth.

  2. Jenna, Thanks so much for sharing. I used most of those home treatments over the years. I had beautiful hair back then. Now I color my hair, use curling iron, blow dryer and all the chemical treatments needed to make me look and feel better. Perhaps, it is time to go back to the basics. I would watch the beer because if you get pulled over you will still have the sent of beer. LOL Wishing you an amazing day!
    You Can Do Social

  3. Interesting tips here. Very very unique. I haven’t personally used any of these before, but I’m always willing to experiment with new things. For the most part, my hair is fairly short, so I’ve stuck mainly with horse shampoo and haven’t really experimented with any techniques like this.

    I’ll pass these on to some of my friends and see what they think. Thanks.

  4. I generally just use soap and water. Proper nutrition has really helped my skin and hair though so I don’t really worry about it. Good point about the beer and driving. Don’t want a DUI for getting shiny hair. Just like with food though, chemicals aren’t really good for our bodies.

  5. I can remember my grandmother going toe bed with her head soaked in mayonnaise. I also remember my mother eating mayonnaise by the spoonfull…another topic i know but a flash back just the same. I HATE mayonnaise…the very sight of it nauseates me…maybe these two are why..LOL…anyway…though I have no hair to treat, i enjoyed the post!

  6. Oooh! I tried to egg whites on my sister quite a few years ago… went to the bathroom and when I got back, she had rinsed with mighty hot water! Imagine that… we spent the rest of the afternoon trying to dislodge cooked egg whites in her hair! LOL! Yup! We got the lesson… (-_-)
    The LEARNED Preneur at NormaDoiron.NET.

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