my favorite holiday recipe

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I wanted to share my favorite Thanksgiving recipe with you.  This recipe isn’t necessarily a “Thanksgiving type” recipe but it reminds me of Thanksgiving because we have it for breakfast each year on Thanksgiving morning.  {I wrote about this tradition here}

These yummy breakfast delicacies are called “Andreas” but the name will change for you.  I’ll explain why later.  For now we’ll call them Sausage & Cheese Croissants {or crescent rolls}

Part 1: The Ingredients

1 16oz pkg. of ground sausage

2 8oz pkgs. of cream cheese (softened)

3 8oz. pkgs. of crescent rolls

{It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!}

Part 2: The Directions

Step 1: Brown the saugsage (if you’ve already let the cream cheese soften)

Step 2: Mix sausage and cream cheese in a large bowl

Step 3: Lay out crescent rolls

Step 4: Spoon about 1 tblspn of sausage/cream cheese mixture into crescent rolls

Step 5: Roll up & bake as directed

Part 3: The Finished Product

Oh, they are soooo good!

The reason that I call them Andreas is because a friend of mine from high school was the one who first introduced me to this recipe–her name was Andrea.  Whenever I pass the recipe on, I tell the recipient that they must call them Jennas, since they got the recipe from me.  So for you, these are called Jennas. 🙂

As you make them and pass the recipe on, be sure to change the recipe name accordingly.

I’ve already put the recipe on a card for you like this one

you can download it HERE

Hope your Pre-Thanksgiving weekend isn’t too crazy!


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