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Thankfully, I am feeling better today.  Last night, I was worried that I’d never get back to normal as coughing racked my body… Today it has slowed down significantly, though and I’m noticing a difference in my energy level {and the feeling of the size of my head}.

I do have something in the works for you for next week when I’m back to 100%, but today I wanted to share a few clever uses with magnets that I found on pinterest.

This picture was my original inspiration for this post:

When I found this on pinterest I thought it was genius!  I used some business card magnets that have the sticky side for adhering business cards {and then using them as magnets}, cut then in half {horizontally} and then lined them up in a strip across the inside, bottom portion of my medicine cabinet.  Now all of my bobby pins that got lost or were in the back of a drawer are found and easily accessible right on the inside of my medicine cabinet at all times!

If you use bobby pins, I would highly recommend this.

Then, I found some other great uses for magnets that also help with organization…

Who knew?!

On another note, I met a fellow blogger friend this weekend–Meg from Little Blue Prints!  We were neighbors at Fiesta in the Park–she has the cutest blog and great style!  Little Blue Prints has some really cute ideas so be sure to check it out!

Her mini topiaries are a new favorite of mine!

Have a great weekend!  Be sure to check back next week for a freebie!


2 thoughts on “pinterest picks-magnets

  1. I love the idea of using magnets on other places besides the refrigerator. The bobby pins are great, and I especially like the makeup idea — I never would have thought of that on my own. Thanks for sharing!

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