paper mache. okay?

I’ve kindof been diggin’ paper mache animal heads lately.  We have this one from West Elm at work that “stares” at me all day…

I think it’s pretty cool.

I found this great DIY for some $9 deer heads over at Danielle Oakey Interiors and, even though she didn’t use paper mache, the finished product has that look and it’s inspired me to do some!

{Here’s the tutorial from Danielle–super easy!}

step 1:
cut off heads.
i took the deer to my local home depot’s tool rental.
they used the chop saw to remove the heads.
{hint: you need to cut the heads at the same angle that you want them to hang on the wall}
step 2:
wipe the heads down of any dirt or dust to prep for painting.

step 3:
paint the deer heads.
i used a white primer and a high gloss pure white paint.
it took me 4 coats total.
step 4:
select fabric and cut to fit your plaque.
i used a leftover backing from an old picture frame as my plaque.
step 5:
glue fabric to backing.
i used mod podge and it worked perfectly.
step 6:
wrap fabric tightly around plaque
step 7:
glue deer head to fabric plaque.
step 8:
attach hook on back.
i used a leftover hook from an ikea picture i purchased. it works perfect.
i used a hot glue gun to adhere it to the plaque.
If you can’t find Christmas reindeer {heads} but you still want that look, you can use other common items and apply paper mache.
Check these out…
{via Cloth and Patina}
{via Lulu Bird}
So, there you have it!  My next craft project.
Paper Mache.
Who woulda thought?!
Here is a paper mache recipe, in case you forgot how your teacher made it when you were a kid. 🙂
Happy Crafting!

One thought on “paper mache. okay?

  1. Love this idea, Jenna! I may incorporate the paper mache fruit into a wedding reception design I’m working on! Thanks for the great inspiration. I’m lovin’ your site!

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