coffee filter craft

In my preparation for fall, I’ve been itching to add some type of garland or bunting to my home decor.  While I love bunting, it usually seems more appropriate for parties or advertisements and while I love garland, I usually associate it with Christmas  …needless to say, it’s been difficult to pinpoint that perfect type of garland {or bunting}.

Until now.

In my perusing on Pinterest, I found {and immediately pinned} this picture.

{from Creature Comforts}

After researching a little more, I realized that Pam Garrison had created a bit of a DIY instruction guide for this project.  I loved her DIY but decided that I would use it with slight modification–Emily over at Jones Design Company recently posted this great DIY for a coffee filter autumn wreath and I wanted to incorporate her dye methods.

According to Pam Garrison, the supplies needed include:

coffee filters, crepe paper, sheet music, sewing pattern paper, tissue paper, and string.

I love that she included so many diverse things, but the truth is; I don’t have all of that stuff.

So, instead, I plan to use coffee filters {of course! I got them for $1 at Dollar Tree this weekend}, scrapbook paper {for pattern}, and string {to hold them together}…and THEN follow this method with dye {for the coffee filters only}:

{plain ole’ acrylic paint}

Once the filters have been dyed and dried {be sure to keep some solid white}, it’ll be time to go to work stringing the filters and alternating the colors with patterned scrapbook paper.

**note: it’s ok if the filters are crinkled and wrinkled–it will give the garland thickness and character**

If you notice here, Pam tied the filters off into bunches by knotting the string at the start and the end of each bunch–it creates a pom pom effect.

This garland will be the perfect touch of cozy in my home!  The nice part about it is that it can be customized depending on the season–just switch the dye color.

I can’t wait for it to be finished!

Have you gotten your Fall decor out yet?  I pulled mine out this weekend.  Such a nice feeling. 🙂

Happy Tuesday, Friends!


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