the holiday print collection!

Have you gotten your fall decor out yet?

I have to admit, I want to, but it’s just too darn hot in Florida still–it doesn’t feel like Fall {even though I want it to sooo badly!} and I can’t get in the mood for fall decorating without a little bit of a cool breeze!  So, I figured I’d start with something small–adding a new fall print!

The holidays go by so quickly and I figured that, instead of designing a new print as each new holiday season came, I’d create a collection that could be purchased at an amazing discount. So, here it is–the holiday art print collection!

{Please excuse the watermarks}

The first print is kindof a freebie since it doesn’t fit into just one holiday season but could actually work year round–the key print:

I’ve been liking keys lately so I threw this one in there.

The second is for fall–the season that’s already upon us!

Before we know it, Thanksgiving will be here and you’ll be looking for something to freshen up those pumpkins and gourds leftover from Halloween–this print is a great reminder for the Thanksgiving holiday season.

And finally, a print for my favorite holiday–Christmas!

Each print, individually is only $7.95!  Or, if you’d like to get your holiday print shopping done all at once, the holiday 4-pack is available for only $20!

All prints and packages are available in the Shop or, if you’d like to purchase your holiday pack now, click the “Add to Cart” button below.


Happy Shopping!


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