beauty and the beast

I’m a creature of habit and I like my routine.  Once I get set in it, making a change can be hard.  And it’s come to my attention that this is precisely the problem with my morning routine–which includes make-up and hair.  I’ve gotten comfortable with doing the same thing the same way, and it’s to the point where I’ve got to tackle the beast…which is exactly what change can be–a beast {and for all of you out there with middle schoolers–I mean beast as in “bad”, not beast as in “good”}.

I’ve been searching for new ideas and ways to freshen-up my style so that I’m not stuck in this rut anymore–here’s what I’ve found.

Check out how to make this perfect bun at 
{she has a video tutorial so it’s super easy!}

Or, learn how to do the backwards braid at Hair Romance
And I loved this from McLaughlin Designs
As for the make-up….
I thought this was really useful
I’ve also tried to add some color to my hands with some fun nail polish.  
Here are a few of my most recent favorites:
“First Mate” by China Glaze
“Mermaid’s Tears” by O.P.I
and “Coral Fever” by Sally Hansen
I also fell in love with this idea
 …and was pumped when I found the sparkly gold nail decals at Wal-Mart this weekend on sale for $5 (regularly $8.50).
So, I guess we’ll see what happens.  I am officially a work-in-progress.  
Hopefully the beauty fairy comes to visit me in my dreams tonight. 🙂


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