So Much To Do

Well, If you haven’t noticed, the posts have been few and far-between lately.  My to-do list just kept growing for a few weeks, there, and I couldn’t seem to catch up.  I’ve had a number of big events for work and have been saving the few hours that I have at home for my hubby.  But, luckily, the last big event for a little bit was this past Friday, so things will hopefully settle down {at work, at least}.

Even though work will {hopefully} calm down for a bit, since I’ve started working within the design realm, I just continue to add things to my to do list that I need want to do to the house.  I see an idea and think, “Oooo, I want to try that”, or “Oh, maybe I could do this…” and the list just grows and grows….

I know, for some of you parents out there, you’re finally getting your break–the kids are going back to school and the routine is back in full swing.  For others, you’re trying to cram those last few outings and events in with the kiddos before back-to-school shopping and meet-the-teacher. 

So, for all of US who have things TO DO, whether it’s house projects, places to go, things to buy, or people to see, I’ve found some free printable to do lists that will help us organize our time.

 {Jones Design Company}
Available to print HERE
{Just Sweet & Simple}
Available to print HERE
{The Craft Project}
Available to print HERE
{Anything but Perfect}
Available to print HERE
{Life’s a Journal}
Available to print HERE

Hope your summer ends wonderfully!


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