Rolled Flower Pillow Tutorial

A giveaway is just around the corner!
Hooray for summer tutorials!  Today I’m going to show you how to make a rolled flower pillow.  Once you know how to make these fun flowers, the possibilities are endless! 
:: pillow
:: t-shirt or other fabric
::hot glue
Step 1: Cut tshirt or fabric into 1 long strip or a bunch of strips. 
Each strip should be 1.5-2 inches wide.

The length of the strip depends on how long you’d like the flower to be.  I used the whole t-shirt, but 24″-28″ in length makes a cute little rolled flower.
{you decide}
Step 2: Fold strip of fabric in half, lengthwise.
Step 3: Roll end of folded strip into a ball using a dab {or two} of hot glue.
This makes the center of the flower
Step 4: Twist the loose fabric and wrap it around the ball {center}. 
Use a dab of hot glue as you wrap the twisted fabric.
As you wrap and glue, you’ll see the flower starting to form.
Continue this process until your flower is as large as you want it.
I just kept going…
…and going…
…and going…
I used most of a small t-shirt.
Once you’ve finished rolling the fabric, I would suggested using a piece of that same fabric to cover the back of the flower.  Just spread some hot glue and cover it with the fabric.  This creates a backing that holds the twists of the flower together.
{I forgot to take a picture of that step}
Then, place your flower on your pillow.
I added some felt leaves as a finishing touch.
After you decide where you wanted the flower to go, flip it over, put some hot glue on the back and stick it to the pillow!
{sew free}
I did the same with the leaves.
Your turn!


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