New Prints!

Since Spring is officially over and yesterday was the first day of Summer, I thought I’d design a special print to celebrate!
 This one has replaced the Spring print in the shop and is now on sale for $9.99.
Additionally, just to mix things up a bit, I’ve designed two more prints….
The first is my Southern Pineapple print in honor of southern hospitality.  I just love southern culture and wanted to design something that would sum it all up.
Don’t you love the quote?! 
My grandmother says this all the time–a true, hospitable, southern woman, so this one’s for her.
And last, but certainly not least, another bird print to add to the collection.  
This time with a quote from Maya Angelou…
Both of these are also available for purchase in the shop.
If you haven’t checked out the cleverness collection lately, here’s a taste.

All art prints are $9.99, sized 8×10 and make great gifts!

Get your today!

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