Spring Things

If you remember, a while back, I posted here about this great idea from Martha Stewart about painting your house number {or apartment number or condo number…or room number, if you live in a dorm} on a pot for the outside of your home.  
In this picture, it added the sweetest touch and I loved it!
Since this is my last year of teaching and I’ve been cleaning out my classroom, I’ve stumbled upon some fun stuff, one of them being a set of large stencils!  I know this may not seem like a really great find to you, but this project instantly came to mind {since I still hadn’t done it}, so I was very excited.
The steps are in the original post {and if you want to skip steps 1&2 and buy your own stencils instead of making them, I would highly recommend it!}, but it basically just requires taping the numbers to a pot a then painting or sponging on the paint. {I used acrylic which is what Martha recommends as well}.
Here is my finished product:
The numbers aren’t as special as the ones in Martha’s article but I still like them–clean and simple.
{I couldn’t resist a close-up of pretty petunias that I love–they withstand our Florida heat!}
While I was moving some of the pots, I noticed that the soil was lifted and broken in one of the smaller pots.  Once I looked closer, I found this little guy just hanging out!
He’s not very cute, and he found his way back the next day…oh, well.
We planted our garden about a month ago and are already getting some great produce.  Since I was outside and the weather was nice, I decided to take some brag shots to share with you:
{this is our first real vegetable producing garden so I am pretty proud}
{jalapeno pepper}
{cucumber–lots and lots!}
{banana pepper}
and this little guy was doing all the work…
…I know, not so sweet, but doing me a big favor!
How does your garden grow?
Happy Tuesday!

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