Cleverness Giveaway!

I am very excited to announce that Everyday Clever will soon be opening a shop {on the blog}.  I will be selling Cleverness {art prints} in a few weeks, but I am giving you a sneak peek today!!

I need your help, though.  In exchange for your vote, you could win one free piece of Cleverness! 
Shown below are the 10 prints that will {potentially} be for sale.  I want to make sure I don’t have a dud in there, though.  All you have to do is follow Everyday Clever {unless you’re already following me}, and then vote for your top pick by leaving a comment.
Since you can only have one #1 choice, each person is limited to one entry…sorry. 😦

Next Monday, April 25th, one lucky person will be randomly selected.  The winner will get their top pick for free!

All pieces are printed on heavy cardstock and are size 8×10 for easy framing.
{#1:Matthew 5:16}
{#2: Kiss Me with white background}
{#4: Always & Forever}
{#5: Spring}
{#6: Enjoy}
{#7: Darling}
{#8: Sand & Salt with white background}
{#9: Buckle [Baby]}
{#10: Sweet Baby}

Be Honest 🙂

13 thoughts on “Cleverness Giveaway!

  1. Number 3 is super cute. Also love number 4, but I think the polka dots plus the pretty font make my eyes hurt a little. However, since I only get one vote, I think number 8 is my favorite. But they are all beautiful 🙂

  2. I love # 8 – the contrast in the colors and the stippling in the coral- it draws you in! And, it is sweet -From Karen

  3. came to your site from Jen's 'home in the boro' i love alot of what you've done here! i'm torn between picking 'every day' and the sand and salt one. but i'll pick the sand and salt #8 and my fav

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