Spring Green

I love monograms and Spring, so combining the two things makes for one fabulous Spring DIY that I found here!  Check out the instructions below.
1. Cardboard or Wood Letter {Available at Joann’s}
2. Spray Adhesive
3. Instant Green Moss Cloth 
{use a coupon for this…it can be a little expensive}
Start wrapping the moss cloth around the letter.
{The back of the moss cloth has a little adhesive on it already, 
but it probably won’t be enough to stay by itself}
Add spray adhesive onto the moss cloth as you wrap the edges.
You may have to make cuts in the moss cloth in order to make it wrap around rounded edges smoothly.
Once you’re finished covering the front, make sure any holes left from the cuts are filled in.
…and, you’re done!
 I am taking the rest of the week to work on a new project {crossing my fingers}.  I am hoping I’ll be able to share it with you next week, so check back soon!
Happy Tuesday!

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