Kristmas Krafts for your Kitchen

Christmas is one of those holidays that makes you want to re-decorate every room in your house…and sometimes even re-arrange every room in order to make the Christmas tree fit.  I found this how-to at BHG (where else?!) on how to make a cookie cutter wreath!  I’m pretty sure I saw a package of Christmas cookie cutters at Joanne’s this weekend for 70% off.

Even if you don’t use the wreath this year, you’ll definitely be able to store it away for future Christmas decorating.

  1. Purchase a bag of seasonal cookie cutters for a few dollars
  2. Form the shapes into a circle
  3. Wire the pieces together
  4. Attach a pretty striped bow with hot glue 
  5. Hang the wreath from a nail

Go find your “after Christmas deals” now because everything’s going on sale early this year!
Only 5 shopping days left!


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