Good Things: Revived

A friend gave me the December issue of Martha Stewart Living.  It’s the 20th anniversary edition, so there was a large section of “Good Things” from previous holiday issues.  Of course, all of Martha’s ideas are great, but I thought this one was super cute!  I’m definitely planning to make one, so I thought I’d share it with you as well.

It’s called a Pin-up Wreath.

Supplies needed:
    14 inch embroidery hoop

     Wood glue

     Mini wooden clothes pins

     Affix the clothes pins to the hoop with the wood glue approx. 1.5″ apart–some of the pins pointing out and others pointing in (so you can use the space inside and outside of the hoop for cards to be displayed).
     Suspend the wreath from your Christmas ribbon of choice.

I will probably make 3 different wreaths of varying sizes with fewer clothes pins so that it can become more of a Christmas card collage on the wall.  I’m also sure that I’ll purchase all of the items from Jo-ann with 40% off (or more) coupons. 🙂


My Favorite Season Is Here!
Happy Crafting!


One thought on “Good Things: Revived

  1. I made one of these in 2001. I used red/green/gold plaid ribbon and a larger hoop; 16" I think. It was quick and easy to assemble. We really loaded ours with cards! Two and even three on each clothes pin. We used it for about 3 years until we moved from one apartment to another and stored the wreath in Ben's garage. After a few years in storage, most of the clothes pins had fallen off and the ribbon was pretty bedraggled. I thought about fixing it up but never did. I don't have a clear memory of where the pieces finally ended up. Thanks for bringing back a pleasant memory from Christmas Past!

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