Georgia On My Mind

Thankfully, this past weekend, my hubby and I got to celebrate our 4th anniversary in Savannah, GA.  I’d always heard wonderful things about the quaint little city, but had never been able to visit.  Well, let me just tell you, I LOVED it!  I can’t think of cuter town with better food.  If you think about it, Savannah just might be one of the most perfect places to live—it has seasons, a cozy down-home feel, tons of history, great architecture (I’m definitely partial to brick and wrought iron), amazing southern food, jazz music in the squares, carriage rides, SCAD and all of the great art that comes with it, AND! it’s only 30 minutes away from the beach!…apparently the celebrities like it too; a ton of movies have been filmed there.  3 days was all it took for me–I’m in love.

Needless to say, with preparing to leave at the end of last week and coming back to a full week of work, things have been crazy, but I’ll leave you with a little taste of my wonderful weekend.

Hope You Had A Wonderful Labor Day!


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