Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Well, it’s official…rainy season is here. 

It’s good in the fact that it cools down our 98 degree Florida weather, but it’s bad in the fact that it comes down heavy and you’re soaked if you’re not prepared.  I park in a grass/clay lot where I work, so walking to my car after those torrential afternoon downpours is never fun in dress clothes. 

Last year, after it rained for a week straight and I had to trudge through mud and grass (usually barefoot so that I didn’t mess-up my shoes), I broke down and purchased rain boots…especially since this type of rain gear went from being just practical to practical and cute!  Other than rain boots (or wellies, which I think is a better name), there’s other cute rain gear out there.  So, in honor of rainy season (aka hurricane season), I’ve found some items you might like.

 Nine West Yogini Rain Boots
Columbia Rubber Ducky Rain Jacket
Rain Frog Rain Jacket
Kamik Rain Boots
Umbrella Stands
Image via Design Sponge
 Ballard Designs
…and, of course, umbrellas!
Stay Dry!

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