If you’re looking for that extra something in a room, but you don’t want to pay those exorbitant prices for framed art, try framing fabric.  You can use any frame you’d like–you may have an old one in the closet that just needs a new coat of paint or, you could pick one up at a garage sale or thrift store.  Frames without the art are much cheaper! 

Then, go to your local fabric or craft store and peruse their fabric remnant section.  A lot of times, those last, discounted, scrap pieces of fabric are the perfect size for a frame–even some larger frames.  There are so many patterns and colors of fabrics that your options are endless and inexpensive!

Here are a couple of frames that I have in my house with fabric.  I definitely got the piece of fabric that I used for these in the remnant section of Jo-anns and I could use it in two large frames!

Here are some other ideas for framed fabric:

These are bandannas!
These are the same dollar store frames that I used for this project.
Have a fun, DIY project day!


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