A Tribute to Turquoise

So, apparently, in December (2009), Pantone, the authority on color, named Turquoise as the 2010 color of the year.  For fashion, specifically, turquoise was named the “it color” for spring and summer of 2010.  

I remember when turquoise made it’s big re-entry into design and fashion in 2005–it was a throw back from 70’s hippie era.  The stores were littered with turquoise EVERYTHING-jewelry, home accessories, and fabrics… At the time, color experts said, “Turquoise is here to stay” and, sure enough, they were right!

While turquoise has taken a back burner to some of the hotter colors in the past few years, like the curry yellow of summer 2007 and the deep purples & chili pepper reds of fall 2009, it’s always seemed to hang in there as a color that’s still “in” even though it’s not the “it color” for that season.

Soon, we’ll be making the switch to the warm “woodbine greens, chocolate browns, and oyster greys” of fall, so today, in honor of summer’s twilight, I pay tribute to turquoise.

Design Smack
Decor Pad
Thigns We Heart
Maison Luxe Chandelier
Florence Broadhurst Wallpaper
Wedgewood Ulander Powder Turquoise China
Charlotte Russe Turquoise Sandal
Banana Republic Ring
Vivienne Westwood Dress
Dandy Damask Turquoise Fabric
Casa Sugar
Room Service LA
Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

One thought on “A Tribute to Turquoise

  1. You know I love me some turquoise! I was just thinking about painting my bed turqiose. Can't decide whether to do my walls or my bed. Bed would probably be safer.

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