Since we’re talking about chalkboard paint…

I subscribe to a blog called Finding Fabulous, which I may have already mentioned…anyway, Jane posted the cutest idea for a chalkboard platter menu that I thought went great with the chalkboard pots I posted about the other day.  This idea is super easy, and would be inexpensive to do, especially if you’ve already purchased the chalkboard paint for your pots.

You can use any platter for this idea, you’ll just need some primer so that the chalkboard paint will adhere to it. 

Pick a platter, any platter (or buy one on sale from Home Goods or Joanns), and tape off the area that you want to be your “chalkboard area”. 

Prime inside the taped-off area, let it dry, and then paint the primed area with the chalkboard paint. 

Let that dry and, viola!, you’ve got a cute little menu for your kitchen, or simply a decorative chalkboard that would be stylish for any room in the house.

Here is Jane’s finished product over at Finding Fabulous.  I love it!  Apparently, she got the platter for like $6.99!

Here are some other cute chalkboard platter ideas.

P.S.  I made homemade salsa today with the cilantro from my garden–it was delicious!!

Enjoy your weekend!


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