Thom Filicia Inspired Terrarium

I was watching Rachael Ray a couple of days ago when Thom Filicia did the “Home Makeover” segment and I saw a really cute terrarium idea.  Of course, you know that I love using nature as decoration, and it just so happened that I had all of the items necessary to make this cute little terrarium, so I went to work.

Here is the one that Thom featured on the show.
I gathered all of the items I would need: sand, potting soil, pebbles or river rocks, reindeer moss (purchased from Joann’s, leftover from another project), and a small plant.
I put a few scoops of sand in first to create a layering effect.

Then, I added some of the reindeer moss for texture…
Next, I put in a few scoops of the potting soil to start the base for the plant
Finally, I added the plant (with some extra potting soil ), some moss to top it off, and few river rocks.
Not too bad for a thrown-together-from-leftover-materials project, eh?  If you don’t have a fish bowl, use another clear, glass container with a wide opening and check in your back yard for materials to use inside the terrarium.  Here is the final picture of the new terrarium in my house next to my driftwood
What do you think?

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