Creative Shelving Ideas

Since bookshelves can get expensive, and we’d all rather be spending our money on something a little more fun, a friend of mine asked me to do some research on creative, inexpensive ways to make a bookshelf.  Some of them take a little more work than others, but they can all be accomplished fairly simply, for the most part.  Here’s what I found.

DIY Bookcase using old dresser drawers- Country Living
DIY Ladder Bookshelves-Networx
This looks a little industrial, but could also be done with some smaller wooden step ladders(shown below).  It would be more appropriate for an interior and might look a little more homey.
This is a really easy one–different types of cubes and crates stacked together are always an easy way of creating a bookshelf.  You pick the cube style.  You pick the shape.  This is also an easy way to categorize or group different types of books (within each cube) :)!
If you’re ok with putting a few holes in the wall, there’s always the “L-bracket/ Invisible Bookshelf Option” as shown below:
DIY instructions on how to make these invisible bookshelves here  
Image via Neon Fox Tounge
Or, if you want to go thrifty and crafty, you could always search for an inexpensive book shelf at a thrift store or garage sale, thrown on a coat of spray paint and add a little wall paper backing and you’re good to go!
Happy Shelving!

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