Current Work

Historically, I’ve been an oil painter-period.  This year, I wanted to start a painting and was planning on working with some of my students in our school’s art classroom.  When I went in to start my piece, the art teacher suggested that I try acrylic instead of oils.  Hesitant, but willing, I started the project–I ended up loving it!

Acrylic takes much less time to dry, so finishing a painting can happen much faster, although, I’m still not done with mine (I found that time was more of the issue, not so much the medium).  It’s not as easy to cover-up a mistake with acrylic like it is with oil, but you can still camouflage it.

Anyway, my painting isn’t done yet–I’ll post it when I finish, but here is the picture I am using as inspiration. 🙂

I’ve never had any formal training in painting.  I used to think that I needed it, but was encouraged by a friend in college to just try anyway.  When I did, I ended up loving it and realized that I could find satisfaction in my work, regardless.  It’s a great creative outlet and isn’t that hard, especially when you’ve got a picture to look at. You should try. 🙂 

Here are a few of my other paintings…

…and these are a couple of pieces that I did for two of my friends when they each had their little boy- Asa and Liam.

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